Travel is the one thing you can buy that will make you richer.

You have this one life in which to explore all of the amazing places that interest you on this great earth. Places that fill your soul and feed your mind, and probably your appetite too, staying with you in a way where you are never quite the same.

The expert vacation planners at Town & Country Travel have been planning first-class vacations since 1984 and we have dedicated our practice to passionately pursuing the best the leisure travel industry has to offer. Collectively our team has covered the globe in personal travel, having visited more than 125 countries.

Extensive experience in the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, India, Africa – and everywhere in between – have allowed us to build an impressive "black book" of preferred connections all over the world with the best cruise lines, hotels and tour operators. The result is unique and personal attention to detail no matter what your destination.

We are located in Thousand Oaks, California but we don't let geography get in the way of serving clients who live in other parts of Southern California – and well beyond. If you have a wish to visit some of the most desirable places on the earth, let us have the opportunity to wow you. Contact us at (805) 495-9888 or email  to start planning your next vacation.

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